Worship 2.0


About us:

Worship 2.0 is for people who are hungry for more worship; whether that is a desire for more worship or a desire to worship in a different style than what you may normally do on Sunday mornings. It is a chance for everyone to worship, share, pray and celebrate the unity we have in Jesus Christ.

Worship 2.0 is not an attempt to be a replacement for our Sunday morning services. Rather it offers people the chance to worship in a different and deeper way than many Sunday morning services can allow. It gives people an opportunity to share the wonderful way that they saw God work in the past week or to share a prayer of need or thanksgiving. These opportunities are often too brief or absent from today's church service culture.

Worship 2.0 is held on Madison's west side at High Point Church at 7:00 on Saturday evenings. Please see the calendar to learn when the next Worship 2.0 will be held. Directions and a map are also available.

Please see our FAQ as it may answer more specific questions you may have.

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