Worship 2.0


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Q: How do you pronounce Worship 2.0?

A: We generally say "Worship two-point-oh" (as in the letter "O").

Q: Why is it called Worship 2.0?

A: Because it's newer than Worship 1.0. Worship 1.0 (or worship as we understand today) is our term for the worship that takes place in many churches on Sunday mornings. Worship 2.0 is an attempt to augment Sunday morning church with a focus on giving people a chance for extended worship time.

Q: How long is Worship 2.0?

A: We meet for approximately one hour.

Q: I thought that Worship 2.0 was a chance for extended worship time. Isn't an hour a little short?

A: We feel that an hour allows for plenty of time given that there are no announcements, communion, offering or sermons. Remember, Worship 2.0 isn't a substitute for church. It's meant to be different than the worship we experience on Sunday mornings.


Q: Is childcare provided?

A: No. Worship 2.0 tries to be friendly family and even involve children as part of the worship experience. We think the unqiue approach of Worship affords the opportunity for familes to meaningfully worship together.

Different Worship:

Q: So how is Worship 2.0 meant to be different?

A: Many churches today have had to incorporate many different items into their morning worship services with each item getting a small portion of the available time. It is a compromise at best that many churches have had to do in given today's busy culture. This tight timeline has resulted in a strict calculation of the entire worship service and in some cases has almost removed spontaneity and the opportunity for congregational sharing.

Worship 2.0 is a chance to focus just on worship primarily through music with additional time spent in sharing and prayer. Many churches have prayer meetings or prayer groups that fulfill that desire for more prayer time than what a Sunday morning service can afford. Likewise, Worship 2.0 is meant to fulfill people's desire for more music worship time than the handful of hymns and songs that are capable of being worked into a Sunday morning service. It's hard to experience an attribute of God or to tell the epic story of God's love for us to Christ's death to our ultimately victory over death in just five songs.


Q: What style of worship is Worship 2.0?

A: We'd like to think that the style of worship at Worship 2.0 is uniquely Worship 2.0. You might be inclined to think that it is a modern worship service but we'd rather shy away from that since we certainly have reservations in some cases about what modern worship music has become. There are a few artists who could be classified as modern in their style that we draw from. However, their philosophy is downright old-fashioned and for that we are grateful.

However, we're not saying everything written up to this point is insignificant. The second most important piece of theological reference and witness in our opinion is the book right next to the Bible in the pew in your church. You may have heard of it before; it's called a hymnal. And for whatever reason it seems to have some pretty good longevity as far as we can tell. We heavily use the hymnal and other resources of worship choruses to plan out our worship music in addition to modern worship songs.

Q: So you still haven't answered what the Worship 2.0 style of music is.

A: No, we haven't and that's somewhat deliberate. We don't feel that only one style could ever be sufficient and we plan to vary the style - even within the span of one Worship 2.0. One of our hopes is to be able to share in the many different ways we can worship Jesus. One time might be very modern sounding, the next time very southern folk-gospel in nature and the third time something completely different. You'll have to come and decide for yourself!


Q: I read in your "About Us" page that you're affiliated with High Point Church. Does that mean that only people who attend High Point Church can attend Worship 2.0? Does that mean that people who do attend Worship 2.0 might be expected to call High Point Church their home church?

A: No and no. High Point Church developed Worship 2.0 as a means of satisfying those who would argue that you can never have too much music in a worship service. We quickly realized though that the nature of this event easily lends itself to being a tool to reach the greater Christian community as a whole. Madison has greatly enjoyed past efforts of unified cross-denominational worship. Unfortunately, these have tended to be one-off special events. Our hope is that this would be a means of regular worship for people from all Christian churches in the area.

Q: If you are associated with High Point Church, then why do you have your own website?

A: Because we wanted Worship 2.0 to serve as a means for bringing together area Christians in worship regardless of denomination, we felt it was best to have this be presented as separate from High Point Church's website. We felt it was something a new person to the area (whether a student or an adult) might just type into their web browser to see what Madison had to offer. We also felt that people searching the Internet or hearing an announcement on the radio for Madison city-wide cross-denominational worship would be more inclined to visit a website that did not appear to be tied to one particular church but rather was intended for all Christians from many different denominations. It obviously must have worked because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now.

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